The Tidal Range Round Table Debate - 23rd September

Why does UK Energy policy ignore tidal range?

Tidal lagoons such as our proposed project in North Wales have so much to offer.

And as the the UK's future energy security becomes increasingly reliant on intermittent renewables such as wind and solar, wouldn't a significant source of predictable and totally reliable electricity be a valuable back-up for those days when the wind isn't blowing? The Grids came perilously close to failure in March when the wind did not blow for 10 days. What will happen in the future when coal and gas are being phased out to meet Net Zero and a number of nuclear plants have been retired due to old age?

The Tidal Range Debate promises lively discussion on these issues as well as the financial, environmental and energy considerations:

Please attend, hear the arguments and have a chance to ask your own questions.